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Completed Projects

    This Vintage Crosby Striper was in need of updating fuel supply and return lines for Westerbeke 100 HP engine. Entire system was inspected to determine extent of overhaul.

    • The fuel tanks were left in place and 8" deck plates added for access to fuel shut off valves

    • All lines were removed and replaced with USCG approved flexible hose to supply a Racor 10 micron water separating fuel filter.

    • Flow control valves were installed to direct tank withdrawal/return.

    • Nameplates that clearly identify valve positions were custom fabricated to assure ease of operation.

      This upgrade added future value to the vessell, compliance with current fire/insurance regulations, and improves reliability.


This Customer called after finding boat sunk to the gunnells.
We retrieved the boat to a trailer and delivered to our shop for evaluation. Inspection confirmed the engine was full of water.

Six hours later the boat had been purged of all water and after 4 oil changes was running again.

Our fast response to the sinking allowed us to save the engine and related systems.

Replacing the engine alone would have cost in excess of $6000.00 .

This "rescue" cost $700.00 and was back pulling waterskiers the next day



    Twin 383 stroker engines replaced 7.4 mpi, less weight, better fuel economy, and lower initial cost and maintenance.












This 1965 Chris Craft has been getting improvements and reliability upgrades for six years. Original parts when available, new designs if necessary.












    This early Potter design 23 Seacraft just received a complete repower along with structural repairs to the hull and decks.This one will be back on the Sword for another season!











This Fully restored Ford straight six Intercepter still pulling skiers on Wequaquet Lake. Structural and brightwork by E.M.Crosby boatbuilders.













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